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Do not bold, italicize, or underline your title.

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Cite all sources that contributed to your work, whether you paraphrased the source or quoted it directly. Any ideas not your own -- even if you wrote the idea in your own words -- must be cited.

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Italicize and capitalize all major words of any titles you include in your own sentence. To cite a book or article, list the author's last name followed by the page number in parentheses without any other punctuation. If you incorporate the author's name in the text of your paper, provide only the page number in parentheses. At the conclusion of the Lord of the Flies, Ralph and the other boys realize the horrors of their actions:.

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The tears began to flow and sobs shook him. He gave himself up to them now for the first time on the island; great, shuddering spasms of grief that seemed to wrench his whole body. His voice rose under the black smoke before the burning wreckage of the island; and infected by that emotion, the other little boys began to shake and sob too. Golding, Start the reference list on a new page and give it the following title, which should be centred on the page: Works Cited.

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Do not bold, italicize, or underline this title. If there is no author, alphabetize by title. You will then use the abbreviation qtd. The quote is not from Jack's book, but from a review article by Harold Bloom.

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Since Jack's book was not quoted directly, his book does not appear in the list of works cited and the parenthetical reference points to Bloom's article, which is the indirect source used. Ian Jack argues that Keat's odes "are the sort of poetry Hamlet might have written" qtd.

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Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Note: If necessary, more information about Jack's book—the title, publication year, or any other relevant details—could be included in the text of the paper, or in a footnote. Lesley University Library uses Google Analytics to capture and analyze web statistics, which uses cookies.

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No personal information is stored within cookies. It might be listed like this: Hennessey, William. End punctuation goes at the end of the citation, not at the end of the passage. Note: If the work has no page numbers i.

ldi.mx/includes/prayer/the-kult-a-prosper-snow-novel-book-1.php Note: If the work had three authors the citation would read Lakoff, Johnson, and Smith Remember that there is no comma between the names and the page number, and all authors must be listed either in the sentence or in the citation. Four or more authors of the same work: Example 4 : Changes in social regulations are likely to cause new fears among voters Carber et al.

Note: Only the first author, followed by the term "et al.