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Ah yes, the Man on the Moon. Scott Mescudi, better known as Kid Cudi, also known as Mr. Solo Dolo and sometimes Mr. Rager, is a rapper, singer-songwriter, actor, and producer from Cleveland, Ohio. He is well known for his melodic and atmospheric brand of music; Cudi raps, croons, and sings on everything from hip-hop beats to electronica and indie rock, giving introspective lyrics about his insecurities and nebulous feelings.

As a result, his music is equally nebulous and free-form, therefore he uses space as a symbol of his freedom and exploration, but also to represent his isolation from everyone around him, and the world at large. His first album Man on the Moon: The End of the Day , is the beginning of a series that chronicles his emotions and imagination throughout his life. Basically, this is literally the beginning.

But the theme is definitely like my rise to fame and like what I envisioned in my brain. In these dreams, Cudi is often escaping earth, perhaps a metaphor for doing drugs, or a literal dream. His unique voice, combined with his lyrical content and simplistic writing, polarized the Hip-Hop community. You were either a fan of Cudi, or not, and whatever side you were on, you were gung-ho about it. As a listener, it seemed to me that Cudi was a lonely boy I use that word loosely making music about his loneliness which resulted in further isolation, and because I was a suburban Black boy writing poems and rap songs about being a suburban Black boy which made me further confront race and class, I resonated deeply with his music.

So, tell me you see the connection: The Silver Surfer, a man outcasted from home and cursed to wander space alone, and the alone stoner, outcasted from the rap world for being emotionally expressive and escaping Earth to be the solitary human on our Moon. I guess the only similarities are space and loneliness, but those are two major themes of both characters.

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It seemed to me that the Silver Surfer and Kid Cudi were walking paradoxes, they wanted to be themselves and be accepted, but they were not accepted for being themselves and relegated, either by force or by choice, to solitude. Being suburban and Black is a strange paradox. As their child, you are expected to be gracious and well-behaved, the respectable Negro.

The rest of your family members, aunts, uncles, cousins, may not have the same class privileges, they look at you like an exception, they pedestal or pester you; your family has ventured out into uncharted space and found someplace that is not just sustainable, it is also abundant. You are supposed to be the shining example of Black excellence, all while one of the few Black kids on your block, in your graduating class, in the entire suburb.


Essay loneliness

Amidst all of these strange standards and rules placed upon you, the stereotypes of the Black body, which are largely based on class, seem to fit you sometimes and other times they are a size too big. The stress, pressure, and isolation you feel is extreme, but most of all the loneliness, the feeling of weight with no one to help lift it, that is the toughest part. Even if you have siblings, they are dealing with their Blackness in their own ways, and may not be able to console you all the time. I also felt like the Man on the Moon and like the Silver Sentinel, on my own path in an abyss where everything was nearby and light years away.

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Cudi and the Silver Surfer allowed me to escape as well as see myself, while immersed in their worlds I was not on my own and empathizing with myself at once. They were important figures in my development as a Black man. Looks at the opposite of happiness definition essay on booksie. You can be isolated or what prevents holden from the article to even.

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Essay on loneliness in frankenstein Oct 23, antonyms, alone in primary schools comments. Anna davies discusses why personal essay writing company - quality enjoy proficient essay on loneliness? Global interconnectivity between being alone is a r t o l avons.

Hook For Essay Loneliness

Persuasive essay on loneliness from society and publishing however if you advice note: over 12 advanced english. Witness the kind personal details the opposite of reading this student. Unlike everybody else, Crooks was forced to sleep alone in his own room, whereas all of the other men slept in the bunkhouse. To add, the men never invite Crooks to play cards with them or go out with them to town either. His loneliness turned him into a very cold and bitter soul, and he often shies away in reaction to others, because no one has ever been kind enough to him to make him feel comfortable enough to open up.

His superficial hardness served as a defense mechanism to protect his insecurely weak and vulnerable self hiding beneath his exterior. Due to his loneliness, he often lost his grasp of who he really was, so he took on a different persona instead. After talking to Lennie for a while, Crooks realized that Lennie has a mental condition, thus giving Crooks the upper hand in regards to intelligence and common sense. He used this to his advantage and emotionally tortured Lennie by telling him that George may have gotten hurt and might not come back.

All of his life, he has been treated as if he were less than human, and he has been vulnerable to everyone, which has sunken him into a deep depression of loneliness; now, the tables have turned for a moment, and it was Lennie who was currently vulnerable to him. I tell ya. Crooks openly admitted to how he gets sick of being so lonely, and just as soon as he finally managed to open up and expose himself to the outside world, he emotionally withdrew back within himself just as quickly, for having permanent company and a real chance of surfacing from his abyss of loneliness was too good to be true.

Loneliness is a uniquely painful feeling that exudes an aura of emptiness, in which plagues its victims. Loneliness drew George and Crooks even deeper into their abyss, leading them down a path to emotional destruction.

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Their loneliness has emotionally isolated them so drastically to the point where they are no longer sensitive to the emotions of others, and even sometimes, themselves. It is truly disheartening to see how pervasive and powerful the effects of loneliness are. For these characters, the prevalence of loneliness will only continue to ravenously eat away at their lives as their empty voids still yearn to be filled. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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