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Request Username Can't sign in? Forgot your username? Planning your time will ensure you do justice to ALL the required questions. This will lose you valuable marks. When you know BEFORE an exam how many questions you have to answer and how many marks each question carries, you can plan your time ahead of the exam. This will save you time in the exam.

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At the very least, write a plan of how you would answer the question or how you would complete your answer if you have made a start. Always read the instructions carefully and then read all the questions — some may be easier for you to answer than others; some may carry more marks than others. NEVER assume. Even when ALL questions must be answered, some students prefer to begin an exam with an easy question to give them confidence.

Where you have a choice of questions to answer, choose the ones that you know you can answer well. Where some questions carry more marks than others: Some students prefer to begin with these. Decide what works best for YOU.

If, at the end of an exam, you find you have a lot of time left , the chances are you have either: not answered the required number of questions only partially answered one or more questions failed to include all requirements in one or more answers, for example a graph or diagram. Use extra time to: read through all instructions read through all questions again and check your answers against them strengthen weak answers before polishing strong ones check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Resist the urge to leave an exam ahead of time — ignore early leavers! Exercise 2: Assess your own exam strategies Print and complete this exam strategies checklist to assess your own strategies and to identify areas to improve. For this type of question, some students prefer to cover the options, do the calculations, then check their answer with the options given.

Process of elimination: Which answer is definitely not correct?

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Go back to the question stem to find the best answer: Both are Australian sites:. Did you just guess? There is a school of thought that short answer questions merely require you to write in note form, use abbreviations, draw diagrams, and to convey as much information as you can clearly and logically literary style is not so important. Leave a gap in your writing and add the information later. Keep writing: on a spare piece of paper, write what you do know — any words, phrases that have anything to do with the question.

This may help jog your memory. Ask yourself questions to help focus you: How? Go back to your plan — looking at the big picture may help. You may be too tense. Take time to practise a relaxation exercise. For example, close your eyes and picture a beautiful, peaceful place — breathe slowly and deeply — repeat a calming word until you start to relax.

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NOTE: This is time well spent! If the act of writing becomes painful, you are probably gripping your pen too tightly. Put down your pen and rest your hand for a short time. Place your hand on the desk palm down and let the muscles relax. When you begin writing again: Try using a differently shaped pen. Write more slowly for a little while.