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This essay discusses the many events in the story that are symbolic, including the weather and setting, the chrysanthemums and the tinker.

Flower Symbolism in John Steinbecks The Chrysanthemums - Essay Example

Rain is a universal symbol that represents rebirth or sadness. Elisa and Henry Allen also represent the rain and fog in that they do not belong together. He minimizes her although he recognizes that her talent is raising flowers. The fog Henry covers the mountain and is the lid to the pot , the same way Henry contains his wife. This suggests that they both have nothing in common; he is more interested in business and money and she is interested in the life and growth of her flowers.

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The chrysanthemums symbolically represent Elisa, or part of her. This is a motherly attribute that symbolizes the protection a mother provides to her young.

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On the other hand, the flowers take nine months to grow, similar to the development of a human child in the womb of his, or her, mother. Additional events in the story are symbolic as well. For example, Elisa took off her gardening gloves when she was talking to the Tinker and subjected herself to disappointment.

Symbolism in the Chrysanthemums

The gloves symbolize protection, especially in boxing, and without them she became vulnerable. The gloves and other symbolic elements described here enrich and strengthen the story. Steinbeck, John. Edgar V. Roberts and Robert Zweig.

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Eliot: Prose Essays. Dissertation reforme constitutionnelle The Chrysanthemums linking elisa with the "closed pot" of the fertile salinas valley, steinbeck has both the land and elisa existing in "a time of quiet and of waiting.

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